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Celebrating the Life of Red Burns

I just discovered the news of the passing of Red Burns who founded the ITP program over 30 years ago. I had the opportunity to participate in the program during the 30 year anniversary. Thought I probably didn’t get to interact with Red quite as much as I would have liked, I still felt her impact by proxy though the classmates I was and still am constantly surrounded by. There are those who leave life with unfinished business. I believe Red Burns left this earth having done what she came here to do.┬áThese short but sweet words really say it all.



Online Chessboard

  • By Michael

photo by Tom Igoe

This wifi connected chessboard allows you to play against others around the world who are connected via another chessboard or a web game interface. Each board contains a unique ID that is registered with a username created by the owner of the board. They can then request to connect to other users via SMS or telephone interface.

Opponents moves are indicated on the board through the illumination of the spaces. The board also warns of illegal moves through simple light patterns. Beyond normal two person game play, the board has other features such as playing against the computer and learning mode. A key element to the board was to maintain the traditional aesthetic and manner of gameplay while allowing the ability to transcend physical space. This board also becomes more interesting when left in a public space such as a cafe where user can casually play with anonymous opponents, creating interesting social relationships.