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I was finally able to meet with Say Meng of WaterCircle. He’s a hidden ledgend and pioneer of aquaponics/hydroponics. He’s been doing aquaponics for 19 year, which is longer than most of the world even knew aquaponics existed! We told me all about the history of aquaponics and hydroponics in Singapore including how he once produced commercial hydroponics vegetables, but ultimately decided that his passion was in building and installing systems for schools and individuals who wanted to grow their own food.

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Say Meng even agreed to come out to NUS to take a look at the site of the potential aquaponics farm at Tembusu college. It was just our luck that the gate to the space was unlocked so we could go onto the site to take a better look. It is quite a large space of about 0.1 hectares. It seemed ideal as it got a good amount of light during the day and had sufficient drainage for any leaks. It was also between the two colleges and quite visible by the students at both.


Say Meng agreed to make a proposal for a system we could setup there while I was confirming with the housing administration that we would be able to use this site.