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Closing the Loop

Graduate fellow Winson Lim and I paid a visit to Hydroponics and Plant Care run by Dr. Mallick F. Rahman. Dr. Rahman is another longtime hydroponicist having been in the industry for over 35 years! We spoke about the struggles of bringing academic and government institutions on board and committed to new technologies, like hydroponics, that are necessary for our future. His shop also had a nice array of hydroponic supplies and systems for purchase. One of his kits (pictured) was almost identical to an idea I had while shopping around at Ikea.


But the most exciting discovery while chatting with Dr. Rahman was the fish food processor that is being developed through one of the universities. The idea is basically that food waste such as you might put in a composter is processed into a a paste which is then dehydrated into pellet form for feeding to fish. The great part is that even meat or fish can be composted! I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about this before, especially since all this time I’ve been making compost which isn’t useful to hydroponic systems. This is not to say traditional composting isn’t still a great solution to food waste, this just makes it more relevant.

After leaving the store, I stopped by the nursery where to pick up some supplies. One of the workers was carrying some kind of fruit and I found out it was Jambu from their tree. I hadn’t ever heard or seen of Jambus so they showed me the tree and cut a few off for me. I understood they were ripe, but later found out that they were not and that the name actually means something like “red fruit”. Regardless, I will soon have Jammed Jambus.




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